8 in 1 EZ Jet Water Turbo Gun

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  • Brand new and in high quality.
  • It is multifunction jet spray gun cleaning dirt or fertilizing.
  • It fits standard garden hose connection
  • Spray gun has a built-in liquid dispenser and can be used with soap, plant food etc.
  • It is fully adjustable with an 8 built-in spray nozzle patterns.
  • You can choose Straight, Jet, Mist, Shower, Angle, Flat, Fan or Faucet spray pattern.
  • The big water pressure settings are powerful enough to reach high second story windows and
  • The small settings are gentle enough for watering fragile plants and gardens.
  • It has an adjustable water volume lever.
  • You can wash away dirt with precision jet, or water plants with mist spray.
  • It is really light in weight with a long barrel design
  • You can select Off, Spray or Soap setting
  • It is easy for you to hold and use for extended periods of time.
  • It is ideal for home, garden or vehicle use
  • It is durable