1pcs Permanent Matches Striker

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Permanent Matches Striker Rectangular Flint Stones Cigarette Lighters With Key Chain Instant Emergency Fire Starter Matchstick

Due to air mail regulation, all lighters are empty, so please install fuel before the actual lighting.

Ideal for campers, beaches, trips and more.

To use, the metal rod is removed and scratched against a long flint rod installed on one side of the case.

The metal rod\'s wick catches fire, and resembles a match.

One end of the metal rod has a wick.

With the key ring attachment you'll never be caught out again when you need a light alternatively.

This Permanent Match consists of a rectangular shell, with a metal rod that screws into the shell.

Stylish and luxurious appearance lighter.

Silver permanent match striker lighters with key chain.

Fill up with Kerosene Oil before use.

Model Number: ES002
Technics: Lacquer
Material: Metal
Brand Name: FOCUS
Model Type: Matches Lighter for Cigarette Smoke
Features: Strike To Fire for more than 10,000 times
Function: New Year Gifts, Christmas Gift, Gadgets for Men
Extra Function: Key Chain Match Striker Lighter