1 Pound Bag Clear Water Pearl Beads Vase Filler Home Decoration Centerpiece

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Clear Water Pearls Vase Filler

  • One 1 pound Bag of CLEAR Water Soil Beads
  • Caution: Do Not Ingest. Not a Food
  • Great For Centerpieces, Crafts and Reduces Plant Watering.
  • Can last for up to 4 months as long as you keep adding water
  • Material: Non-toxic super absorbent cross-linked polymer
Bulk bag 1 pound bag CLEAR polymer pearls, they are created by simply adding water, (Displays are not included).
The Pearl balls are very tiny beads when you receive.
Soaking in water causes them to expand into perfect miniature spheres, from 8-10MM in size or 1/4"-3/8" or larger.
Small enough to fit in any vase. Let the pearls sit and hydrate 6-8 hours.
Pour off excess water or drain in a colander.
Just add water to keep hydrated.
Reduces Plant Watering. 
Caution not for human ingestion, and be careful around children do not let them eat any, non toxic but not a food.