5mm Magnetic Balls 216 Pcs

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🔺 LET YOUR IMAGINATION RUN WILD: Our 216 meticulously crafted spheres. This dynamic set is like an empty 3D canvas, just waiting to be manipulated by anyone bold enough. There are 1000s of geometric arrangements to be made, from figures to jewelry and beyond - at work, school, home, and more!. With multiple Magnets Balls, build large sculptures…The possibilities are only as limited as your imagination!


🔺 GOODBYE STRESS AND BOREDOM: Magnets Balls are the perfect stress reliever and daytime boredom buster. They also make an excellent sensory tool to improve concentration, focus, attention, and active listening. Magnets Balls create a sense of calmness, while promoting problem solving and creative thinking skills. Squeeze Magnets Balls into stress balls and enjoy therapeutic relief. With our super portable storage case you are able to bring a dose of zen wherever the day takes you.



🔺 HIGH-QUALITY AND ADVANCED ENGINEERING: Each flawlessly-crated ball undergoes extensive testing, manufacturing, coating, and quality assurance, guaranteeing impeccable quality. Magnets Balls ensure exact precision levels for sophisticated geometric modeling that flows like water and colors that will never fade.




🛑 Warning for Ages 14+ only: According


🔺 Kit Included: Magnets Balls, cutting card, instruction manual, plastic container, velvet pouch, delivered in tin can for more protection.