Adjustable Jetting Turbocharged Shower

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High quality

High quality ABS material and stainless steel panel, environmental protection and durability.

A key switch

Humanized design, comfortable and fast. One water stop key once open and use.

Universal rotating

360 degrees spinning around.

Common interface

Standard four-point measurement interface for most household use.

Three modes of

According to the different scenes and preferences, adjust the water mode. Pulse mode: Strong water, bring comfortable massage experience. Surf model: Complete release of water, large amount of water, fully open the pores, release the human body the fatigue, relieve pressure and so on. Rain patterns: Water area is large, running water is exquisite, let you purify the fatigue of a day, take relaxed sleep.

Supercharging technology

For the German LUV water limitation matrix supercharging technology. Pinhole laser type of water outlet pressure. Washing is also more powerful.

Detachable design

The flower is aspersed use for a long time, if water outlet can appear, blocking a phenomenon. Just remove the stainless steel panel for cleaning.


Name: One-button water-stop turbocharged shower

Type: Handheld pressurized shower

Process: Crystal Diamond Plating

Interface: International 4-point screw interface

Features: One-button water stop, turbocharged water outlet, removable for cleaning, 360-degree rotation, double-sided water outlet plate replacement