Automatic Seed Peeling Machine

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1. Optical induction, MUC intelligent anti-pinch design, sensitive switch, large motor torque, long battery life, compact and portable, fast opening of the case, Typc C charging, control chip
2. Sensitive switch, open: convenient for users to use, quick response, frequent use.
3. High-torque motor: the efficiency of opening the shell is high, the large torque of the motor is reduced, and the optical detection is used to reduce the damage of the opening and realize the high efficiency of the opening.
4. Protect teeth and avoid damage: eating melon seeds often can cause tooth damage. The product will effectively avoid damage and protect teeth.
5. Can distinguish between good and bad seeds: Aflatoxin in bad seeds will affect human health.
6. All-day battery life, battery life, long-term use, automatic fallback, and safety protection: intelligent MCU algorithm to avoid accidental injuries caused by touching the fingers

Technical specifications:
Product parameters:
Product size: 65x70x72mm
Charging method: Typec charging
Working temperature: 10-45℃
Input: DC5.0V 1.0A (TYP)
Battery energy: 1000mAh (3.7v)
Power: 0.5w




Note: This product is invalid for very small sunflower seeds, please refer to the following picture for details