Blue Orange Gobblet Gobblers Board Game

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Like tic-tac-toe, line up 3 of your Gobblers in a row to win!
Players can gobble up their opponent’s pieces to take their place.
Gobblet tests critical thinking while training memory skills and spatial awareness.
All wooden strategy game for 2 players, ages 5 & up.

Material: Plastic
Color: Mixed size
Size: 21 x 21cm

Playing method:
1. The player first sorts his own pieces into a cup and stacks them into three groups.
2. Stack a set of 3, each set of 2 pieces of chess placed outside the board; put the set of the top stack of chess pieces into any empty space on the board, not take the chess that is covered underneath
3. Move our chess pieces to any open space on the board, or cover the flag on a place smaller than our size. The covered pieces cannot be moved;
There are enemy pieces under the moving chess pieces, and the latter stays in the original.
4. When 3 pieces of our chess pieces form a straight line or a horizontal line or a diagonal line, we win; if the enemy also leaves because of our chess pieces, there is a straight line or horizontal
When the line or the slash, it is still our (active) victory.

1 set x Chess Board Game