Creative Bottle Openers Tool Flying Cap Launcher

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This Bottle Opening Cap Launcher makes the perfect mischievous gadget to cap off any great night. The Cap Zappa not only opens your frosty beers with ease, but doubles as a cap launcher. Bust out this bad boy at parties and start poppin’ caps. Nail your mates as they stand unawares and kick back with a wry smile and your freshly opened beverage. And if you’ve all got one, turn it into a competition. Line up some empty bottles and see who the best shot is. Have fun with your froffs!


  • Open your bottle then shoot the cap away!
  • Fires up to 5 metres
  • Works as a normal bottle opener too
  • Easy to attach keyring


  • Not a toy
  • Do not fire at face or eyes
  • Magnetic components
  • Follow safety instructions