Electro LED Glove Set

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The LED Rave Gloves come fully assembled and ready to glove with the click of a button. Just slip the comfortable cotton gloves on and watch these bright LED lights dance before your eyes.


  • Our festive new lights are perfect for: EDM Festivals, Rave Events, Clubs,Concerts, Halloween Costume Party, Masquerade,Dancing, Coachella, EDC, Tomorrowland,Wonderland, ETC.
  • Each fingertip features 3 LEDs (one red, one blue, and one green)
  • 6 modes are available: red constant, blue constant, green constant, red flashing, blue flashing, green flashing, red-blue-green constant, red-blue-green flashing, and color-morphing (green to yellow to red to purple to blue to aqua).
  • Turn the gloves on/off or change the mode by pressing the button inside the glove
  • Each set includes 2 gloves (1 pair) with batteries