Fire Ball Automatic Dry Powder

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1. Simply throw into the fire, fire place or installed in fire-prone position, in case of fire, fire extinguisher ball can be carried out automatic with fast response.
2. When throw into or rolling to fire, it will explode and make huge noise to catch everyone's attention nearby.
3. You don't need to be close to fire scenes to extinguish the fire any more, made of totally harmless material to the environment and safe for users.
4. As long as been touched for 3-5 seconds by flame reaching 70 degree C, the ball will automatically extinguish the fire effectively and rapidly.
5. Light weight only 0.5 kilograms, shape of a ball, even the old and children can use it easily.

Shape: Ball Type
Diameter: Approx. 0.5kg: 10.5cm / 4.13inch
Instruction: Fixed position by automatic fire sensor and / or throw in fire area
Ignition: Automatically explode within 3-5 seconds after touch of fire
Content: Environmental harmless dry powder
Validity: 5 Years
Automatic reaction time: 3-5 Seconds
Effective extinguish area: 0.5kg: 1cubic meter

Package Included:
1 x Fire Extinguisher Ball

2 x Screw

2 x Wall Plug

1 x Wall Mounting Bracket