Hellraiser Inspired Lament Configuration Puzzle Box

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Description : 


The puzzle box from Hellraiser, with option for a stand. This is a functional, moveable puzzle box that changes confirmation base on how you try to solve the puzzle with your hands. It is black and painted with deep bronze paint by hand to ensure a near perfect movie prop replica, colors and size. We have been making these for years, and we make the highest quality Lament Configuration on the internet, ESPECIALLY for the price. Ours is nearly 100% full of plastic, giving it a heavy feel that we imagine is similar to the real thing

Features :

1. Functional puzzle box: A variety of changes and various ways of playing, you will get a unique puzzle that is thought-provoking and favorite, it will change the confirmation according to the way you try to solve the puzzle by hand.
2. Built-in locking system: The middle disc needs to be turned to the designated position to open this puzzle. When it is closed in a cube or star position, it can be locked by turning one of the dials, and it will only be in the correct position.
3. High-quality material: made of plastic materials. The details are processed and painted afterwards. It will not cause any harm to the body and is of high quality.
4. Scope of adaptation: This interesting puzzle is suitable for you to place anywhere in your home or office, and entertaining during troubles or rest. These are all good choices.


Material: plastic
Size: 8×8×8cm
Package content:
1×Configuration lock puzzle