Inflatable Air bag chair

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Size:    adult  80*90*75cm 
1: The storage volume is small and ultra-light, that is, it is ready to use, that is, it is removed and received, and the home use does not occupy space, and outdoor travel is easier to carry.
2: According to the "artificial" curve design, the human body is evenly supported, so that the sofa and the human body are closely combined, and the ride is more comfortable.
3: Patented air inlet design, no need for inflatable tools, 5 seconds fast inflation.
4: The bottom of the seat is concave, ensuring that the seat is stable and does not roll over.
5: The weight-bearing part of the sofa bag adopts U-shaped design, which effectively disperses the riding pressure. The maximum load capacity can be 200KG, which is more than 2 times the weight of similar products.
6: 400-degree high-temperature hot-melt adhesive at the joint of the bag body, secondary reinforcement, TPR waterproof coating on the inner wall of the bag, strong waterproof performance, long-term use without leaking.
7: Single-layer aviation parachute nylon material, net weight is only 0.94 kg, and it is lighter to carry.