Instant Heat Therapy Pack

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Menstrual Cramps Instant Heat Therapy Pack
Abdomen Pain Relief
~ Reusable ~

8" x 5" ~ Perfectly Sized for lower back or abdomen
Reusable Hot & Cold Pack!
Perfect for home, outdoors, work, camping, sports injuries, muscle pains, body aches
They are non-toxic and safe for children and pets!

Sports therapy for muscles, joint strains and inflammation
Arthritis pain relief at your fingertips
Circulation boosting, deep penetrating heat therapy

It’s a heat pad that at a click of the button, will heat up to 54.4°C (130°F) within a few seconds to provide a soothing warm heat, but not hot enough to burn. These one click heat pads offers a portable and reusable, instant thermal pad that can be used anywhere on one’s body and any place you might be. Unlike most other home heating pad products, this type is unique as it requires no electricity and is ready for immediate use with a click of a button. It can be used in the car, while camping, at work or during an emergency when electricity is not always available. With just a click of a small metal disc located inside the pad, it instantly heats up and can last up to an hour or more depending on use.

How it works ~ Our pads contain a non-toxic, non-flammable salt based solution called Sodium Acetate in a sealed durable PVC skin or bag and is safe for nearly anyone to use. The solution is a food grade product used in the food industry and sealed in the outer “skin” in an oxygen free environment to prevent the salt from crystalizing. When the metal disc is flexed, it triggers a chain reaction and the salt solution starts rapidly crystalizing which creates the heat within seconds. This is what is called “exothermic reaction”.

Activating ~ Find and gently flex the metal disc that floats in the salt solution, you should see the salt crystals forming quickly and the pad will start to heat up and become more solid. You can gently massage the pad to break the salt crystals into a softer texture so that it is in a more flexible state. The heat will last anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour.

Recharging ~ Once the heat pad has been activated and had time to cool down, you can recharge it by wrapping it in a small towel or cloth and putting it in a pot of boiling water for approximately 10 minutes or until the pad is completely liquefied and completely absent of any crystals. Once the pad is completely clear of any crystals, leave it in the boiling water for an additional minute just to make sure all the crystals are gone. (i.e. if there is just one little crystal left after boiling the whole solution, it will recrystallize and you will need to re-boil the pad again.) Once you are positive there are no more crystal and the gel is liquefied, remove the pad from the boiling water and place on a clean dry towel to cool and dry. Once it cools down it should be in its original liquid / gel like form and ready to heat up again with just one click.

Multi-Use ~ When in its liquid state, you can also use it as an ice pack by putting it in the freezer or as a cold compress by putting it in the refrigerator