Magic Cat Scratch Organ Board Cat Toy

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  • 【Cat Scratching Board Material】choose encrypted and thickened corrugated paper material. High-quality environmentally friendly corrugated paper is selected, and the honeycomb-type encryption and thickening type has tight gaps, which is strong and durable, and does not hurt the claws.
  • 【Cat Scratching Boards】 Our scratching boards are an amazing type and come in many shapes, mesh design unlike other scratching boards. Feel free to fold into small shapes for other shapes. One product can be used in many styles, so cats don't get bored.
  • 【Cat Claw Board, Play, Rest】 It can be folded into a bone shape, folded into a crib to sleep in, or scratched at will to make cats love claws.
  • 【Satisfying the Nature of Cat Owners】:It destroys your furniture, punctures its own pads when sharpening nails, and is often boring when you're not home without enemies scratching.
  • 【Cat'S Happiness】 This cat board can unleash the cat's nature, from childhood to adulthood, it can accompany it for a long time, and it can also save you money on other scratching boards. With the cat scratching board, the furniture is relieved.