No face Piggy Bank

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 Description :

ne of the most memorable characters in the classic anime Spirited Away is Kaonashi, or No-Face. The black-suited lonely spirit with an expressionless visage is not as scary as he first seems. In fact, Kaonashi will even store your spare coins for you! The Kaonashi No-Face Piggy Bank is a money box that automatically takes your coins and saves them for a later date. Place a coin in Kaonashi's red bowl and then the spirit will "swallow" the money as music plays from the movie (and he even finishes it with a burp). A must-have for Ghibli fans.

Kaonashi (literally meaning “Faceless” and known in English as “No-Face”) is a lonely spirit who wanders around Spirited Away in an apparently menacing fashion, only to help out the protagonist, Chihiro, in the end. In the same way, this slightly ghoulish piggy bank is actually an awesomely unique way to save and store your cash for a rainy day.


How to trigger it :Install 2*AAA battery, put your coin on the plate, it will move while music on.

After it swallow the coin, you can hear a satisfied "Hiccup" Sound .

Then you can take it out from the side lid.

Best and surprise gift for children. Bank only other accessory not include.

Product size: about 8*21*16cm Material: ABS

Battery:2*AA Batteries(Not include)