Rose Shaped Soap Facial Cleanser

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Without a doubt, the Soap Facial Cleanser is quite possibly the prettiest face wash product available in the beauty industry today and we're not even talking about the packaging, which provides a pretty good indication of the "MAGIC" that IS this facial wash! 

This Soap Facial Cleanser is a smooth but dense facial washing foam that emerges from its container in the shape of a rose blossom, the perfect size for cleansing the face. It's specially formulated to provide a dewy-fresh, soft finish to your facial skin while retaining your skin's natural moisture. This special foam's cleansing formula keeps its shape even when removed from the bottle! It thoroughly cleanses your skin of impurities, leaving you with a moist, fresh and dewy sensation. 

How it works: Simply press the levers down to expose a white floral rose! The smooth foam cleanses your skin effectively without all the face-rubbing and scrubbing required of other cleansers. Scoop the cleansing rose off of the bottle and enjoy its nourishing results! 

This cleansing formula contains optimum moisturizing ingredients including; glycerin, trehalose, water-soluble collagen, hyaluronic acid, lauric acid, fermented rice extract and rose water.