Salt Night Lamp

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1. Improve Design -- Hand Carved Salt Crystal Rock Pyramid 1.8 lbs & 4 inch + Real Wood Base + Multicolor Bulb + USB Cable 

2. Natural and Hand Carved -- Originating from the Himalayan Mountains in Pakistan, the salt rock lamp simulates the shape of a pyramid to be carved by hand. Each VC For mark Himalayan salt rock is 100% pure and of the highest quality. 

3. Color Changing Salt Lamp -- When turned on the natural Himalayan salt lamp, the LED light will emit a soothing amber color and automatically and slowly change colors between: Orange, Blue, Pink, Red, Green and purple. 

4. Perfect Gift -- Creating a uplifting and soothing atmosphere makes you feel healthy and energized. It can be used in your home, meditation room, office or as a gentle night light. Our crystal salt lamps are an ideal gift for Christmas, Valentine's Day, holidays, birthdays, graduations, Thanksgiving and special occasions.