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Compared with hand stitching, this disposable skin suture devices have the following advantages:
1, because the suture speed of disposable skin suture device is fast, less blood loss during operation, should not occur subcutaneous congestion, thereby improving the survival rate of small skin, less bleeding during surgery, also bring the benefits of blood transfusion reduction, can avoid the risk of blood transfusion complications. Because of the rapid speed and shorter operation time, it can also reduce anesthetic drugs and reduce the negative effect of anesthesia.
2, because it is a mechanical suture, sutures arranged in neat rows, each needle suture are uniform, to avoid the hand-tightened or too loose, and the subcutaneous space so that organizations can be recycled, is conducive to good tissue healing, to avoid the "centipede "scar.
3, so that narrow field of vision, parts of the deeper suture and anastomosis easier.
4, easy to operate, rapid, greatly reducing the operation time, but also reduce the surgical risk.
5, a one-time use of skin stapler for one-time sterilization packaging, free from environmental restrictions, unpacking can be used to overcome the need for manual sewing need to disinfect a lot of inconvenience.
6, the disposable skin stitching device operation easy to master, without special training, familiar with the use of after a period of time and clinical use.
7, when the needle is removed, because the use of special needle removal device, making it easy to dismantle the needle, without excessive traction and pressure on the skin, the pain is light