Starfrit Pro-Apple Peeler

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Starfrit Pro-Apple Peeler with Bonus Core Slicer - Red

The chore of peeling apples won't be one anymore thanks to the new Pro-Peeler.

With its simplified mechanism made from resistant nylon, a stainless steel blade, an integrated spike holder and four suction-grip feet for utmost stability, the Pro-Peeler is the ideal product to peel apples or your favorite fruits effortlessly in a snap.

The Apple Pro-Peeler removes only the skin of the fruit. It eliminates waste that hand peeling invariably creates.

It is perfect for peeling large quantities of apples because of its efficient design and ease of use. Easy to clean and store.

Comes with Bonus set of replacement blades.

  • Fast and easy to use - Peels apples effortlessly without making a mess
  • No waste - Peels the skin off the apple, not the fruit
  • Easy to Clean and Store