U Shape Women Body Pillow

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material:Polyester fiber

Function:Relieve stress, care for the spine

Washing instructions:The pillow core cannot be machine washed, bleached, or exposed to the sun

Note: Due to manual measurement, the size error is about 5cm, subject to the actual


  1. Natural and pure cotton fabrics.
  2. Removable inner gallbladder.
  3. End bending design to maintain natural thigh separation.
  4. Soft and comfortable backrest design.
  5. Big size, big tolerance and big satisfaction.


Pillow cover fabric: pure cotton

Inner liner fabrics: thickened nonwoven fabrics

Pillow size: 60*120cm/120*65cm

Functions: multifunctional pregnant women pillow enlarged widening pillow, alleviate neck fatigue, waist protection design, it also can pad the arm, there are slope abdominal support design, support pad foot design and buttock support crotch.

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