Automatic Cleaner Robot Lasts 90 Mins Pool Vacuum

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Brand Name: Seauto

Filter: 180 um

Power of Motor: 20w

Lifespan: 10000+ hours

Suction Motor Qty: 2

Capacity: 2600mAh

Certification: CE / RoHS / UL / FCC

Product Size(L*W*H:mm/inches): 363*363*212 mm/ 14.3*14.3*8.3 in

Water Depth Supported: 1.6-9.8 ft(0.5-3 m)

pH Value Supported: 7.0-7.8

Moving Speed: 40-60 ft/min (12-18 m/min)

Flow Rate: 11 GPM (42 LPM)

Product Weight: 3.2kg / 7lbs

A1:What's the optimum usage for Roker Plus?


1). Perfect for in-ground pool and above-ground pool in flat ground.

2). Suitable for the pool that the slope gradient is less than 10°.

3). Suitable for the pool that the size is less than 645 square footage.

A2:What kind of pool that Roker Plus doesn't support?


1). Roker Plus can't climb walls or steps, can't clean trash floating on the pool or very large leaves.

2). Pool with wrinkles that exceed 10 millimeters or slope gradient exceeds 10° (Machine will be stuck).

A3:How do I get warranty?

B3:After-sale support email:

After-sale support call: 800-618-8968 and we promise to reply you within 24 hours.

The World's First Best Cost Performance Round Robotic Pool Cleaner

Seauto Roker Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner

Roker Plus

With a simple twist, quickly lock orunlock to access debris collected duringthe cleaning process.

Auto-Docking Technology

Using the latest self-parking smart technology, the Roker Plus will park near the pool wall after completinga duty cycle or when the battery reaches 10%.

Cordless & Hassle-Free

The Roker Plus is entirely cordless! Just place it intoyour pool and enjoy.

Eco-Friendly withBrushless Motor

It's up to you to defend the future by saving theclimate.Eco-friendly products and technologiesare the key to oursuccess. Start a moresustainable life today.

Advanced Filtration System

The filter tray filters down to 180um formore easily catches all kinds of garbage(debris, dust, gravel, dirt, leaves, etc.) Wehave upgraded not only the filteraccuracy but also fully upgraded theflow rate to 18GPM(68LPM), while otherproducts on the market can only reach11GPM(42LPM).

100% Easy to Use

Just place the pool cleaner in the water and consider your day free to enjoy!Fits All Pool Shapes

Fits All Pool Shapes